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Putting My Life Experience to Work

I know what it is like to struggle and work hard to beat the odds. I grew up in a middle-class family; but, when I was subjected to abuse, I ran away from home. I lived from place to place and at one point, even slept in a car.


I had my first child at 17 and by 19, I had two daughters and was pregnant with the third. Their father was shot and killed in front of me and I ended up on welfare to feed and keep a roof over my daughters’ heads. I eventually went to college in hopes of getting a decent job.

I enrolled in a Licensed Vocational Nurse program, later becoming a certified Emergency Medical Technician, where I worked as a first responder for over 10 years. Though I was 5’2 and ninety-nine pounds, I proved my strength to the firefighters and the sheriff deputies I worked with during emergency calls. I experienced discrimination as a woman of color in a male dominated profession, but eventually I earned the respect of my colleagues.

I continued to earn college credit units and graduated. Later I received my real estate license, and eventually established a real estate company with my late husband Terry Everett, a retired Marine and disabled Vietnam Veteran and union shop steward who died of cancer related to the war during my second year of law school. However, his death did not stop me from graduating from Law School with honors.

I have a blended family of six children, 15 grandchildren and 3 great-grandchildren. My campaign is about protecting and helping the most vulnerable in our community because at one time in my life, that was me. This is why I am running for the 36th Assembly and with your support I hope to be your voice in Sacramento.


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- Lourdes Everett -




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