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An Opportunity Awaits in the 36th District

I believe Californian's shouldn't have to struggle to get the very basics required to live and get by. It is their right as citizens to earn wages for food, shelter and clothing at the very least.  When we get ill, we should have enough health coverage to save our lives without losing everything in the process. We should not have to choose between buying medication or buying food, buying our medications or keeping our lights and gas on; buying our medication or paying the rent or the mortgage.

To afford the very basics of food, clothing and shelter in addition to proper and reasonable medical coverage, clearly involves an increase in wages and an increase in the minimum wage.  Therefore, my mission will be to work, support and advocate an increase in wages for people to thrive not just survive.

I believe we have a crisis in affordable housing with an overwhelming demand and a discouraging low supply. This trends toward generating an unreasonable increase in housing prices few can afford. Therefore, my mission will be to work, support and advocate an increase the housing stock not just Single Family Residences, but with multi-unit complexes.  This will create many benefits such as job creation, ad valorem tax, that will add to the state coffers to advance various programs, including necessary social programs, housing affordability and programs that will prevent homelessness. 

The economy of California is the largest in the United States, boasting a $3.0 trillion gross state product as of 2018. As a sovereign nation, California would rank as the world's fifth largest economy, ahead of India and behind Germany. This being the case I don't see why we can't provide better wages, support and equipment for teachers and first responders to do their jobs. I believe government employees should be retained and not outsourced and working California parents should not have to worry about childcare cost and space availability but pay in a tiered system accordance to their wages. Therefore, my mission will be to work, support and advocate for a teachers and first responders to have the financial support and equipment
needed to provide tier one service to all California's.

The need for comprehensive vocational and educational preparedness for college bound students and students who will track toward a vocational technical, non-technical trade school is a must. A well-rounded curriculum in understanding the world in which we live requires learning the diversity of cultures, the importance of visual and performing arts as it correlates to the greater humanity and the necessity of understanding finance and civics provides a platform of individual and collective success. That is why I currently support Assembly Bill 2771, which is a $7 billion bond for new construction geared toward higher education in California. As your Assembly person I plan to lobby for the building of a new University and Trade School right here in the 36th District.

Last, but not least, I intend to work and support airline service back to Palmdale Regional Airport by negotiating for aggressive subsidies to Airlines willing to provided regional service out of Palmdale with a sizable grant to the City of Palmdale from the government with an oversight committee to oversee the proper use of that grant incentivize 

restore, grow and compete with other regional airports to help alleviate traffic and congestion. This would also provide job growth and increased industry as well. 


This is my vision for the 36th Assembly District.

- Lourdes Everett -




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